Holy and Precious Cross: It is finished.
Welcome to N. Lauretta’s official website. We pray that you will be blessed and encouraged in your thirst for God. N.Lauretta ministry is focused on giving praise and worship to God. N. Lauretta and her partners around the world believe that worship and praise is an act of reverence and love to the everlasting one. It is also a way to develop intimacy with the God who seeks to be reconciled with us and adopt us as his children. We praise him for what he has done, is doing and will do. We worship him, in Spirit an in truth, for who He is.Although we express our worship through music, we believe that worship can be done in various ways, which reflect the glory of the God who pours a variety of talent on his children. We believe that worship is first and foremost a movement of the heart, soul, and spirit and therefore cannot be limited to one medium. True worship is the offering of a broken heart in complete submission to Lord Jesus Christ. We pray that the information displayed on this website will enable you to enter in a place of adoration and will help you move forward in your walk with Christ. May you be blessed.In HIM,

N. Lauretta